Column Erection

Four steel poles were glued into each concrete footing. 

Four bolts were screwed onto the poles and calibrated to be on the exact elevation of all other bolts. 

These bolts were to hold the bottom plates of steel columns. A wood jig was used to make sure that all the bolts were in the right place and nothing was in the way of the bottom plates.

Erecting columns as exciting, bu not easy. Every bolt in the footing had to be recalibrate to level the columns. Sometimes new holes needed to be drilled due to short poles. Some bottom plates were cut to fit into the sonotube.

Another set of bolts was installed to fix the columns.

Grout was poured to fill up the space underneath the bottom plates.


After erecting all columns, they were measured and calibrated again. 

The allowance of column cap locations was kept lower than 1/4”.

The columns looked very promising!


Second round of concrete for footing.

Industrial vibrator removed bubbles and air pockets in the concrete.

Excessive concrete got removed and the surfaces were carefully flattened.