The location of column footings were surveyed and 'pinged' with chalk line.

A wood jig was made for marking. Four points for locating the jig in the future. A rectangle for cutting the existing concrete deck.

Then all marks were measured again.


Four corners of a rectangular mark were drilled.

A walk-behind concrete saw was used to cut the pool deck. Water that kept the blade cool, also helped control dust.

Bobcat + Hydraulic Breaker. This guy made a lot of noise!

Instructor and project manager Joel Stoehr taking the first dig on a mini excavator.

You never know what awaits you underneath that thick concrete layer. Sometimes just soil and rock, sometimes pipes that need to be examined and removed or relocated carefully.

Bobcat + Auger Bit to remove soil for sonotubes.

Whack a mole in a sonotube!


First pouring with concrete buggy was a fast job. The concrete delivery truck could not wait too long and the concrete would set quickly. Everyone was up and running. Teamwork!

Rebar caps on the footing cage provided protection.

Bending rebars with rebar bender was some real hard manual labor.